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> << I think you're right. Crap!
> Alfred.
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> Well let's wait and see before we complain. I mean even if you didn't like
> The Phantom Menace, you must've loved A New Hope. So Don't count George out
> yet. Chapter 2 might be more to your tastes.
> Jason

Yes, I loved "A New Hope". I loved "American Graffiti", too. It's not
about Lucas directing, it's about Lucas now having complete control to
make his movies. "A New Hope" and "American Graffiti" were made with the
help and stress of others. He had to struggle to make them. "The Phantom
Menace" was made with no real input other than his own. I think he works
better when he's not in charge of everything and/or a studio is there to
fight him. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate studio execs and their bullshit
approach to movies but I feel having to deal with those aspects made Lucas
a stronger *film* maker. I was hoping he'd write the story and such and
someone else would direct the next one, maybe he'd have someone next to
him telling him the scene in the Federation nursery school was useless and
cut it out of the next film.


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