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Raitenshi Veilchen asked :

> Is "Maso Kishin" a game? I just got to have that one. And, there's
> actually a Maso Kishin Psybuster anime in Japan? Cool! So, what did
> happen to Monica and Terius? And the hatred between Masaki and Shou,
> what's it all about? If they hated each other, why did Shou align with
> Masaki in SRWF Final? Lastly, why does Ryune's Valshione-R have
> a head that looks like a human girl's? How does she pilot it?
> Where's the cockpit? Thanks.

Yeah, Maso Kishin is a game, the actual title is: Super Robot Taisen
Gaiden: Maso Kishin (Super Robot Wars Chronicles: Lord of Elementars).
Yeah, there's a Psybuster anime in Japan, but although most of the names
are the same, there are a lot of differences: the heroes are Ken and
Mizuki (original characters) and the show features people such as Shuu
Zoldark or Ryune Frank (you'll note how cheesy the whole thing is) and
don't expect to find a known face, I'm really disappointed (at least the
Psybuster was done in the Katoki way).
As for Monica and Terius, I can't remember, if I've ever known.
Regarding that hatred thing, last time I played Maso Kishin (I'm still
in the first era of the game), Shuu had *again* changed his last name
and was wiiling to resurrect Volkrus (sp?), the ultimate badass of La
Geas, Masaki tried to stop him by fighting him but got his butt handled
to him. Then, Pressia's father (can't remember his name but he's a
genuinely good guy), tried to stop Shuu himself and died in the process,
leaving an orphan daughter behind, I guess that would be an excellent
reason (I'll have to replay the game to know what happens next).
And for Ryune's Valshione R, I think someone explained it (it's a
refined version of her own Valshion copy). I think it's piloted from the
waist, but I might be wrong.
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