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<< As much as it is a tale that
 leads up to
 ANH, it is also a tale that very much depends on the events and
 characters of
 ANH, ESB, and RotJ to give it perspective. >>

I don't think anyone is fully grasping what I am trying to say at all. If
you watch the fTPM first before everything else, then a lot of the events in
TPM would be mysterious like they are supposed to.. I mean anyone who has
seen the original seriesautomatically sees Darth Sidious and realizes it is
the Emperor. And we already know what will happen to Vader. But if you
hadn't seen the original Trilogy these things would be mysterious to you.
NOw if this one had come out first, like you would think it would, then who
knows if Star Wars would even be around for the rest with how much some
people hate it. But when seen as a whole I think the entire series will be
fine. I know for a fact that some things, such as why Qui-gon doesn't
dissapear at the end will actually be explained. But it really isn't worth
anymore time really to discuss this because everyone has their own opinion.
But I really would suggest going in to see it a second time. try and have
fun, I know I did.

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