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> > That's a totally unfair question. If TPM wasn't Star Wars, it would
be a
> > totally different movie with totally different plots and story. That
> > doesn't even count.
> Yes it does. Do you know why? Because before the movie "Star Wars"
> out, there was *no Star Wars universe or background to compare it to*.
> was judged as just a movie, *not* a Star Wars movie. And it's a damn
> movie. So I guess what I'm asking is, if "The Phantom Menace" were
the first
> movie made instead of the fourth one made by Lucas would you cut it as
> slack? With no Star Wars mythology to hook it to and no expectations
> on previous movies? Judge as a movie unto itself, not as part of a
> of your favorite movies. Why do you resist doing this? Maybe because
> must concede more flaws in it?

If you want to use this form of arguement, then how about using it to say
the same
thing about Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Sure, they are
great movies,
but if you watch them by themselves, with no previous episode
they are just as lame. ESB: You've got some kid in the middle of a
blizzard talking
to a ghost. What's up with that? Does the ghost have some sort of
with the kid? RotJ: What's the deal with the little green guy? What makes
him so
important? If the guy in the brick is supposed to be so hot, how did he
get into the
brick? And don't even talk to me about the Jedi tricks Luke started
pulling out of
his robe. Viewing these movies is all about perspective. Other than ANH,
none of
them were made to stand alone. Each of them reference to and are
continuations of
the ones before them. ESB wouldn't make any sense unless you know what
in ANH. RotJ's whole basis is that it is a closure to the events that
started in ANH and
continued in ESB. You may not like this concept, but The Phantom Menace
is as
much a sequel to the original series as it is a prequel. It is a story
that could have
been depicted as Han Solo telling his kids a bedtime story, as much as it
could have
been depicted as a documentary of the events leading up to the founding
of the
Empire. It is a tale where it could viewed as either events in progress,
or the events
being told to someone else at a future date. As much as it is a tale that
leads up to
ANH, it is also a tale that very much depends on the events and
characters of
ANH, ESB, and RotJ to give it perspective.

The reason why nobody is accepting your arguement is because it makes no
What you are asking everyone to do would be the same as watching either
the first
3 episodes of 0083 (with the announcer's voice overs in Japanese) or the
Counter Attack movie without ever having heard of Gundam or the events
took place in the prevous UC series. You are trying to make the arguement
that those
two examples should stand on their own with the viewer never having heard
Gundam before, or the viewer not knowing of the events that they refer
to. That's
exactly how I started with Gundam, and I will admit that it's pretty damn
especially when the characters refer to events and situations that you
know nothing
about. That is the arguement you are trying to make, and quite frankly,
it doesn't
hold water.

> Did you like the book "Starship Troopers"? How about the movie?

I loved the book. I also loved "Armor", which can be viewed as a sequel
to it.
However, to compare the movie to the book is a ludicrus arguement. The
made it quite clear that he didn't like the more "fascist" parts of the
book, and
he therefore was either going to leave them out, or dilute them to the
point of
being unrecognizable. You can't really compare the movie to the book. The
thing the movie had in common with the book was a few character names, a
choice events, and the title. Other than that, the movie has nothing to
do with the
book. If you want a political statement or pre-Gundam mecha action, read
book. If you want a pretty good Human-versus-alien bughunt story, then
the movie.

> Did you like the movies "Alien" and "Aliens"? How about parts 3 and

Loved both of them. Part 3 was okay, but it really is a big letdown. 4
was Resurrection
right? I haven't seen that one, so I can't compare.

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