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> Since you seem to give anything Lucas makes all the benefit of the doubt
> just because it's in the Star Wars universe then I have four words for you
> "Star Wars Christmas Special". Yes, it's Lucas' vision. It has Luke, Han,
> Leia and Chewie in it. You must then insist that it is as spectacular as
> everything else. Too childish? Naw, couldn't be. Life Day on the Wookie
> home world. Brilliant. Jefferson Starship, Harvey Corman and Bea Arthur
> are part of the Star Wars universe. How many times have you demanded to
> play Art Carney's character in a Star Wars RPG? Chewie's dad? Funny how
> their action figures were never made. So, tell me honestly, without
> embarrassment, how absolutely amazing that hunk of shit is, too. It must
> be, it says "Star Wars" on it.

I was born in 1979 and I haven't seen those titles you mentioned, I have only
seen his Indiana Jones and SW films, I was either not born yet or too young
to remember his SW Christamas Special. TPM is a good SW movie. This is not
the very first one, its a prequel, so TPM is supposed to set the stage for
anwers in the next two films. I did not say I gave anything Lucas makes the
benefit of the doubt, you are putting words in my mouth or reading something
into my opinions that I did not say. I am finished with this debate.

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