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>> >> They already did. I have the two volume Laser Disk set that includes
>> 50
>> >> episodes in the same format as Mobile Suit Gundam I, II, and III.
>> Really not interested, to be honest. IMO, Zeta Gundam movies would be a
>> poor second to the actual TV series. And while I might be desperate, I'm
>> *that* desperate...
> Did you watch the TV series at all?

I've seen all but the last half of the last episode - unsubbed - with
adverts in, although not for a while now

>Although in terms of story, Zeta is
>among the best in Gundam TV series, it still suffers from one of the common
>"features" of its times - inconsistance animation and various "filler"

I've never had a problem with 'filler' episodes, to be honest. Which is why
I don't hate Tenchi TV or El Hazard TV like some people do...

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