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> That makes some sense. But if that were so they'd never let those crappy
> droids protect *them*, in their ships, in the palace, etc. Remote
> still doesn't excuse the tactics. I like the arrogant idea, though. They
> seemed to put up a good fight in space, why not on the ground? >>
> Yeah but the Trade Federation were pretty moronic though...

Since no one else really wants to end this after all...

The questions I've been asking are not because I'm anal or I expect a perfect
movie or I hate Lucas or anything else. I'm irritated with many aspects of
this new movie *only* because it fell short of the other three. That's all.
Get it? To those who say that someone who notices the failings is anal I
ask, again, would you love the movie *as a movie* as much if it were not in
the Star Wars universe? Answer honestly. And remember the lashings you
gave "The Matrix" for it's very minor faults before you answer.

Finally, I'll ask some questions based on the "Trade Federation were pretty
moronic though" idea. Think Gundam for a minute (a show that also caters
to kids and selling toys). If those guys are really that moronic -

1) At what point do they become intimidating with an army that shitty?
Would that ever have worked in a Gundam series? I mean, just wipe out those
crappy droids and they can't enforce their will on anybody. If the Gungans
can fight them to an almost draw, who else in that universe could possibly
*lose* to them?

2) If they're an unknown force (i.e. no one's ever seen the droids in
action yet) then why *already* fear them? That Federation hasn't proven
itself yet. If they're a known force (moronic) then how does any other
army respect them since they're known to be moronic?

3) Would you respect an army *that* inept in Gundam, another show geared
towards kids? Would you cut it as much slack because it was in the Gundam
universe, one of your favorite subjects? I've read more than enough email
about the stupidity of certain *weapons* used by various mobile suits.
But that's not anal, of course not.

Can anyone else separate their adoration for the Star Wars series and just
look at it as a sci-fi movie? That's all I'm really asking here. There's
much of this movie I loved (whoever said it's got the greatest sword fight
in history made an understatement) but as a movie it was soft. Jesus, I
can't *wait* to see what you all think of the first live-action Gundam movie
that shows up. If Roger Corman makes it you'll still love it.


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