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Is "Maso Kishin" a game? I just got to have that one. And, there's
actually a Maso Kishin Psybuster anime in Japan? Cool! So, what did
happen to Monica and Terius? And the hatred between Masaki and Shou,
what's it all about? If they hated each other, why did Shou align with
Masaki in SRWF Final? Lastly, why does Ryune's Valshione-R have
a head that looks like a human girl's? How does she pilot it?
Where's the cockpit? Thanks.

Hmm, about Valcione R, eh? Well, it goes all the way back when the founder
of DC Dr. Bian Zoldark build a machine called Valcion. Then somehow Ryune
wants to have another one. Then Dr. Zoldark made one, with some assistance
from Ryune herself. Then there's Valcione, which is the female version of
Valcion. Then couple of times as we know that Ryune rebuild her Valcione
into Valcione R (Return). About the Masou Kishin Cybaster anime, it is
officially aired in Japan strarting already from May 3rd 1999. I just wish
that I could see Masaki in action.

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