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> Okay, so here's a description (and story) related to the R-Gun:
> R-Gun - it is a PT in line with the "R series". Apparently, it
> came from the future... It's weapons are the Vulcan, Beam Cutter
> Sword, Magna Beam Rifle, and the Slash Ring - w/c reminds me of
> the Huckebine's Rip Slasher. Later in the game, with Quatre's
> help, it gains a new attack by transforming into the HTB Cannon to
> Z-Ton (from Ultraman). In the original Ultraman story, the SIA
> a missile to defeat Z-Ton after Ultraman got killed.
> In this instance however, the HTB Cannon is used instead of the
> missile. Later, it becomes the "R-Gun Powered" and the HTB Cannon
> doubles it's purpose as the SRX's strongest weapon/attack. I forgot what
> it is called though. Well, it is used by the SRX the same way Star
> uses Megatron. By the way, the R-Gun is piloted by
> either Ingram or Beretta Brisken - the main characters you'll be
> choosing from at the beginning of the game.
> By the way, is Raijin-Oh in Brave Saga?
Well, thanks for the cool yet interesting info about the R-Gun.

Nope, Raijin-ou is not in Brave Saga. 'Cause I don't think that Raijin-Ou is
consider as a Yuusha series like Exkaiser, Fighbird, Might Gaine, Dagwon or

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