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> > Geshpenst
>A simple type of PT, with its two weapons Plasma Cutter and Split Missiles.
>The last weapon can varied from Blaster Cannon (super robot type) and
>Neutron Beam Rifle (real robot type)
> > Geshpenst mk.II
>A powered up version of Geshpenst, which has Split Missiles and Neo Plasma
>Cutter. It has a special weapon called Slash Rippers, which looks like
>Dreissen's Drei Blade. The next weapon can be varied from Mega Blaster
>Cannon (super robot type) and Neo Neutron Beam Rifle (real robot type).
>Before I forgot, this PT also piloted by Giriam Yeager, a classic character
>from a classic SFC game called Hero Senki.
> > Huckebine
>A very good PT, since it can go after-image, like aura battlers. Its
>of strange weapons like Lodge Saber and Ripp Slasher can be devastating. In
>F Final, Huckebine has a brand new weapon called the Black Hole Cannon.
> > R-1
>Ryusei Date's PT. A well balanced PT, also. The weapons are live-ammo based
>like G Revolvers and a Boosted Rifle. Its short range weapons are vulcans,
>Cold Metal Knife and T-LINK Knuckle, which Ryusei often proclaims as Ryusei
>Original Knuckle Punch. It is also the core and the head of SRX, while it
>can go aerodynamic when changes into R-Wing.
> > R-2
>Reidieth F Braunschtein's PT. A fully armed PT, but heavy on movement. Its
>arsenals are vulcans, beam swords, magna beam rifle and a beam cakram. It
>has an I-Field generator, too. When it is upgraded into R-2 Powered, Rai
>blast Hi-Zol Launchers to add more devastating damage. It is also the body
>and the hands (made by its Hi-Zol Launchers) of the SRX.
> > R-3
>Aya Kobayashi's PT. A very feminine, yet very swift PT, compared to R-1.
>arsenals are little like vulcans and beam swords, but it has Strike Shields
>which heavilly ressembles Zamzeed's Hi-Familia weapon. It also has a lazer
>cannon but when it becomes R-3 Powered, Aya can fire the Telekinesis
>Missiles. It is also the waist and legs of the SRX.
> > R-Gun
>Well, I don't have Super Hero Sakusen (my country just cancelled its
>distribution here, kuso!) so I don't have much to say. But the existence of
>the R-Gun may reminds me of Sunrise's Yuusha (Brave) series.
>Well, how about Gurun Gast?

Well, it's nice to know that Giriam/Gilliam was a character from
another game (so that's why he seemed so special). But the Huckebine's
Blackhole Cannon isn't that new. The Huckebine had it
even in the earlier days of 4th SRW.

Okay, so here's a description (and story) related to the R-Gun:

  R-Gun - it is a PT in line with the "R series". Apparently, it
  came from the future... It's weapons are the Vulcan, Beam Cutter
  Sword, Magna Beam Rifle, and the Slash Ring - w/c reminds me of
  the Huckebine's Rip Slasher. Later in the game, with Quatre's
help, it gains a new attack by transforming into the HTB Cannon to defeat
Z-Ton (from Ultraman). In the original Ultraman story, the SIA develops
a missile to defeat Z-Ton after Ultraman got killed.
  In this instance however, the HTB Cannon is used instead of the
missile. Later, it becomes the "R-Gun Powered" and the HTB Cannon
doubles it's purpose as the SRX's strongest weapon/attack. I forgot what
it is called though. Well, it is used by the SRX the same way Star Scream
uses Megatron. By the way, the R-Gun is piloted by
  either Ingram or Beretta Brisken - the main characters you'll be
  choosing from at the beginning of the game.

  Grungast? I dunno... it looks like a super robot to me. Aren't
  Personal Troopers supposed to be mobile? I'd say PT's just another term
analogous to "MS".

  By the way, is Raijin-Oh in Brave Saga?

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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