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Raitenshi Veilchen a crit :
> In Super Robot Wars F Final Operation, Shou Shirakawa and Saphine
> joins you aside from the Cybuster team (Masaki, Ryune, Mio, Chutey, and
> Yanglong...) My question is, what happened to Shou's other two friends? I
> think the other girl's name is Monica - her robot has a spear and has no
> legs, and another guy that didn't really fight but
> did appear twice on the map in 4th SRW. What happened to those two?
> -

Yeah, that's Princess Monica (piloting North Rei) and Terius (pilot of
Solkadi IIRC), well they just didn't make it to SRT F but their
whereabouts might be explained in the second part of Mas Kishin (Lord
of Elementars) which takes place after SRW 4 (or at least SRW EX), yeah
I know SRW4 and SRW F are alternate continuities but that might still be
If you are interested in the history of La Geas and where Masaki and
Shu's hatred began, you should definitely check this one (plus, it has
gorgeous graphics).
On the same note, there's a Mas Kishin Psybuster series that began in
Japan two or three weeks ago, but except for Psybuster itself and the
character's name, it's totally different. I'll try to get it taped
alongside with turn a (BTW, Episode 7 RULED).

BTW, those original units don't appear in Super Robot Wars Compact (at
least, I haven't met any yet) but the game is just excellent! (that's
the first time Burning appeared in a SRW and he kicks ass while his
theme is... Men Of Destiny!)

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