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> But before that, does anyone know the Seiyuu for each of the 8 Shuujinkou?
> think Lyn Mao was done by Megumi Ogata... but I also wanna know who did
> Alwin's. By the way, Alwin and Lyn are
> my favorites among the eight, I'd also like them to be together ^^
Seiyuu for each eight shuujinkous? Well, you want it you got, so here they

1. Lenonjayce Starlord (Jayce), seiyuu is Nanba Keichi
2. Imlgard Kazahara (Ilm), seiyuu is Horiuchi Kenyuu
3. Hector Madison (Hector), seiyuu is Ishino Ryuuzou
4. Arwinn Dorstien (Winn), seiyuu is Seki Toshihiko
5. Patricia Hackman (Pat), seiyuu is Hayashibara Megumi
6, Grace Urigin (Grace), seiyuu is Miyamura Yuko
7. Miina Likering (Miina), seiyuu is Hidaka Noriko
8. Lynn Mao (Lynn), seiyuu is Ogata Megumi

Hope this helps

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