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>What I meant is that Arwinn Dorstien and Lynn Mao are both bears the same
>characteristic, which is cool but nihilistic. Nihilistic here means has a
>certain dislike/distrust for different gender. Well, let's say the two goes
>on like Ranma and Akane, but at one time their hatred become neutralized
>into a certain fondness. You know, maybe its time that Winn (old look) and
>Lynn (new look, which I suggested) may be considered a brand new couple.
>Just give it a try and who knows.

Yeah, that's exactly what I meant. I don't actually believe in the
saying that "opposites attract" - that's just for magnets. Anyway,
figured that Alwin and Lyn, having the same personality, will most
likely to develop a better understanding of each other. Thanks for
the support.

> >
>A two-edged sword to be precise, yes it is. I don't know the details, but
>was transported into Bystonwell, while he was racing on his motocross.
>Luft that summons him. A friend of mine has the first and the last episodes
>of Sei Senshi Dunbine (TV), so I have to ask him for the details.

Thanks. Did Shou stay in America at the end of the story? Or did
he go back to Japan? By the way, did the whole story take place
in Bystonwell?

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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