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> > How about R-3? She first appeared in Neo (Shin) Super Robot Wars and
> > Hero Operations. She kinda reminds me of VR Fei-Yen
>Didn't Katoki do the design for both the Fei-Yen and the R-3?

Really!? Then, was he also the one who designed the R-1 and R-2?
If so, did he do the design for the R-Gun as well?

The R-Gun is a new Personal Trooper that was featured in Super Hero
Operations. It is in line with the "R" series, but I think it came from
the future... later in the game, it transforms into a gun for
the SRX (stands for Super Robot X-type; R-1, R-2, and R-3 combined). So, in
order to do that particular attack, you got to have R-1, R-2, R-3, and
R-Gun in the party. By the way, the R-Gun is piloted by the main character,
which will be selected at the beginning of the game; Ingram or Beretta
Brisken. In the ending, after the staff roll part, it says that "the new
characters will appear in Super Robot Wars @". I guess it would be a sequel
to Neo/Shin Super Robot Wars then.
Anyway, for those who haven't played SHO, it is an RPG crossover
of Gundam W, G Gundam, Ultraman series, and various tokatsu series
like Metalder, Shaider, Sharivan, Gavan, Kikaider, etc.. etc...
I just wonder why the Kamen Rider aren't there.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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