Wed, 26 May 1999 03:09:44 EDT

Thank you very much!

> No problem, I just give you the names and the corresponding pic number from
> left to right. The first and second row will be for the male characters,
> with the front row is their new looks and the second row is their old
> While the third and fourth row is for the female characters, with the third
> row is their new looks while the fourth row is their old looks.
> from left to right
> For the first and second row pictures
> (picture no.1 is Lenonjayce Starlord; picture no.2 is Ilmgard Kazahara;
> picture no.3 is Hector Madison; picture no.4 is Arwinn Dorstien)
> For the third and fourth row pictures
> (picture no.5 is Patricia Hackman; picture no.6 is Grace Urigin; picture
> no.7 is Miina Likering; picture no.8 is Lynn Mao)
> Hope this helps.
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