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>I have a question, can someone give me the list of the name of the
>characters and which pic they correspond with? thanks

Here, I listed down the names based on how I've read them. I've also
included some descriptions to help you identify them.

But before that, does anyone know the Seiyuu for each of the 8 Shuujinkou? I
think Lyn Mao was done by Megumi Ogata... but I also wanna know who did
Alwin's. By the way, Alwin and Lyn are
my favorites among the eight, I'd also like them to be together ^^

Anyway, here are the names...

Boys (left to right):

Renanjess Starlord/Starroad (Jess)
  new pic: violet hair (looks like Rei Ayanami's)
  old pic: blue hair

Ilmgard Kazahara (Ilm)
  new pic: long royal blue hair
  old pic: green hair (kinda looks like Bess from Ideon)

Hector Madison (Hector)
  new pic: pink brushed up hair
  old pic: orange hair

Alwin Dorstien (Win)
  new pic: yellow-orange hair
  old pic: long mauve hair with long sideburns (truly bishonen)

Girls (left to right):

Patricia Hackman (Patt)
  new pic: blue hair (looks younger than her old portrait)
  old pic: blue hair

Grace Ulijin (Grace)
  new pic: pink hair with a sweetie-cutesy face (eew...)
  old pic: long blue hair

Mina Rikling/Raikling (Mina)
  new pic: green hair (sideburns curled like B-ko's from Project A-ko)
  old pic: pink hair

Lyn Mao (Lyn)
  new pic: purple hair
  old pic: deep pink hair

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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