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> Well, personally, I think that Jayce/Jess ripped his new hair off
> Rei Ayanami and colored it violet. Well, I know how they are paired.
> Supposing they are numbered 1 - 4 from left to right, the pairs are
> 1 & 3 and 2 & 4.. but, what do you mean by "Winn and Lynn distrusting
> different sexes"? Do you mean that they're just gonna be like Ranma
> and Akane if you put them together? That kind of relationship
> usually ends up with the two liking each other, right? But considering
> Winn's old look, and Lynn's both old and new look, they'd make a good
> couple. I'm even thinking of putting them together in a fanfic. Aww...
What I meant is that Arwinn Dorstien and Lynn Mao are both bears the same
characteristic, which is cool but nihilistic. Nihilistic here means has a
certain dislike/distrust for different gender. Well, let's say the two goes
on like Ranma and Akane, but at one time their hatred become neutralized
into a certain fondness. You know, maybe its time that Winn (old look) and
Lynn (new look, which I suggested) may be considered a brand new couple.
Just give it a try and who knows.

> > > What was Shou's best Aura Battler in the anime anyway? It wasn't the
> > > Billvine, right? Can Shou also do that Hyper thing? How does Jeryll,
> > > Todd, and Burn do it anyway? I mean, in the anime itself?
> > >
> >Yeah, I think that Shou must stick to the Bilvine. I never saw Shou get
> >hyper, so I don't know. Gerril Kumich, Todd Guiness, and Von Burnings can
> >go
> >into hyper if the sei senshi level goes to 10 and beyond. It has to do
> >the emotional state that influence directly to their sei senshi level.
> Oh, I see... anyway, does Shou use a sword? I saw this pic wherien
> he was holding what seemed to be a sword to me. By the way, how old
> is Shou? How did he exactly get transported to Bystonwell? Thanks.
A two-edged sword to be precise, yes it is. I don't know the details, but he
was transported into Bystonwell, while he was racing on his motocross. Drake
Luft that summons him. A friend of mine has the first and the last episodes
of Sei Senshi Dunbine (TV), so I have to ask him for the details.

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