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> I have a question, can someone give me the list of the name of the
> and which pic they correspond with? thanks
> -
No problem, I just give you the names and the corresponding pic number from
left to right. The first and second row will be for the male characters,
with the front row is their new looks and the second row is their old looks.
While the third and fourth row is for the female characters, with the third
row is their new looks while the fourth row is their old looks.

from left to right

For the first and second row pictures

(picture no.1 is Lenonjayce Starlord; picture no.2 is Ilmgard Kazahara;
picture no.3 is Hector Madison; picture no.4 is Arwinn Dorstien)

For the third and fourth row pictures

(picture no.5 is Patricia Hackman; picture no.6 is Grace Urigin; picture
no.7 is Miina Likering; picture no.8 is Lynn Mao)

Hope this helps.

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