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> Look I am not trying to start a flame war and I want to apologize if I
> rude before. And I know where you are coming from, but I actually
liked it

You don't have to apologize in my book, you are completely in the right.
I stopped
participating in these types of discussions simply because I felt that
things were getting
too out of hand. I mean it's one thing if you have honest complaints
about the
movie, it's quite another when you are being anal just to be anal. And
the sorry thing
is, I have seen way too many people being anal when it is quite apparant
either didn't understand the point of the movie, or they haven't seen the
movie at
all. Yes, I have actually had discussions with people who ragged on how
Lloyd did
such an aweful job of acting, or how contrived the story is, and they
haven't even
seen the movie yet. The sad thing is, with those who have seen the movie
and are
ragging on it, they are doing it simply because they think it is "cool"
to rag on the
movie, or they brought bloated expectations into the cinema with them and
disappointed when Lucas decided to tell the story *His Way*, not the way
would have liked it to be told. I'll agree with the next person that
Jarr-Jarr was
annoying, but to damn the whole movie because of one character is being
damn anal.

> way better the second time. Of course honestly the Ewoks never
bothered me
> that much, though the new band sequence did annoy me. Maybe it was

Same here. The Ewoks were always kind of cute in my book and I've always
found them to be the element needed to lighten a rather dark movie.
you won't find me crying about Lucas cutting the original ending song out
in favor
of the Special Edition ending. Funny thing is, the new band sequence kind
evened out the score. I didn't like it either, it was too cutesy in my
book, but it was
a rather fair trade for the new ending song and sequence of RotJ.

> spectacle, but on the flip side do you really think the Battle Droids

> would've been deployed in the water?? I think they picked the open
> because it was an obvious draw to the Droid Army. I mean hell if the
> would've just walked into the water and shortcircuited people would've

> complained about that too. But really whatever it is just a movie.

I don't think they would have shortcircuited, Artoo is more than enough
that droids are made to operate under water as well as in space. I think
difficulties would have come when they tried to fire their weapons
Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't firing energy weapons underwater
electrical surges and backlashes to the droids. IOW, a very bad reaction.
If that is
the case, why would they deploy the Battle Droids to an environment where
would become effectively ineffective. That and the fact that with only
one ship
in orbit, it would be awefully hard for the Federation to notice an army
up in battleformations *underwater*. Remember, the whole point was to
the army out of the city. You can't do that if the enemy can't *see* you.

But like you said, it is only a movie.

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