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>Well, I played F before as Lenonjayce Starlord and he is quite deadly too
>with his new looks. Personally, Jayce and Ilm are my two fave's, better
>Hector Madison. If you don't know, Jayce is paired to Miina Likering. Winn
>and Lynn as a couple? Now that strange, since both have distrust of
>different sexes. How do they get along by beating each other silly?!

Well, personally, I think that Jayce/Jess ripped his new hair off
Rei Ayanami and colored it violet. Well, I know how they are paired.
Supposing they are numbered 1 - 4 from left to right, the pairs are
1 & 3 and 2 & 4.. but, what do you mean by "Winn and Lynn distrusting
different sexes"? Do you mean that they're just gonna be like Ranma
and Akane if you put them together? That kind of relationship
usually ends up with the two liking each other, right? But considering
Winn's old look, and Lynn's both old and new look, they'd make a good
couple. I'm even thinking of putting them together in a fanfic. Aww...

> > What was Shou's best Aura Battler in the anime anyway? It wasn't the
> > Billvine, right? Can Shou also do that Hyper thing? How does Jeryll,
> > Todd, and Burn do it anyway? I mean, in the anime itself?
> >
>Yeah, I think that Shou must stick to the Bilvine. I never saw Shou get
>hyper, so I don't know. Gerril Kumich, Todd Guiness, and Von Burnings can
>into hyper if the sei senshi level goes to 10 and beyond. It has to do with
>the emotional state that influence directly to their sei senshi level.

Oh, I see... anyway, does Shou use a sword? I saw this pic wherien
he was holding what seemed to be a sword to me. By the way, how old
is Shou? How did he exactly get transported to Bystonwell? Thanks.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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