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 Who said I thought this was a flamewar? I'm only trying to figure out if you
 honestly can't see gaping shortcomings in "Phantom Menace" or you'll accept
 anything Lucas makes just because it's him doing it. >>

I must admit that I saw a bunch of shortcomings the first time I saw the
movie, but the second time it seemed to make more sense for what it was.
There could be explanations for almost everything. Some is maybe a little
too coincidental, but then again life is very random. I didn't feel that I
went in the second time with my brain turned off or anything, I just felt
like things clicked more. And now I really like it. But I must admit one
thing that really made a difference was going in there without having the
original trilogy in the back of my head. Then some things seemed more
mysterious. Though I must admit that they cut out too many scenes.


 Like how did Anakin get cut?? Well actually he got in a fight with a friend

Well either way I really like the movie, and I don't think that I have dumbed
myself down to like it.

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