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>I have some question regarding Zeon military strategy in the first week of
>OYW. On Jan 3 UC 0079, Zeon Space Attack Force attacks Federation military
>position in both Side 1,2,4 with nuclear weapons and pump poison gases into
>some of the colony cylinders. Of which, I supposed that Side 4 bears the
>largest amount of damage from the nuclear strike.
>My question is this: why the poison gas attack? Nuclear weapon I can
>understand, it's use specifically to knock out Federation fleet and military
>installation at or near the Sides. The damage to the colony cylinders (I
>supposed there were quite a few completely destroyed) is somewhat
>collateral. But poison gas attack on colony only serve to depopulate those
>colony, and I thought one of the things going for Zeon is the sympathy from
>the other spacenoids in the other colonies due to the long economical
>embargo imposed by Federation against Side 3. By directly going after the
>somewhat neutral civilian population, they risk loosing the sympathy of the
>rest of the spacenoids, even the so call neutral Side 6.
>There is military reason for going after civilian in war, and in this case,
>the civilian population probably maintains and supplied the Federation. By
>going after spacenoids civilian population, Zeon lost whatever their moral
>righteousness they have over the Federation.

First, it wasn't just nuclear and chemical. Biological weapons of
unspecified types were also deployed. And the NBC warfare wasn't limited
to the Zeon -- the Federation also engaged in it. We just don't hear much
about it.

Next, the depopulation of the colonies was probably part of the Master
Plan, along with the invasion of Earth and strip-mining of its resources.
Remember, the Zeon were packed into their cans with double the population
of the other colonies -- "Lebensraum!" would've made a great battle cry for
the Zeon forces.

By the time the Zeon declared war, the battle lines were already drawn.
They could count on Side 3 and Side 3 alone. The other colonies, however
sympathetic they may've been, remained Federation members, with the sole
exception of Side 6, which effectively declared independence when it
declared neutrality. (The Tomino novels hint that Zeon was behind the Side
6 declaration, needing neutral ground for the deals it made with the
aforementioned sympathizers and outright traitors and as a hole card should
things go badly, as they indeed did.)

Some years back, it was also suggested that Zeon had tested its MS force in
the suppression of a "civil war" (instigated by Zeon for this purpose) in
another colony circa 0076, but this seems to be a gloss of the Nazi
intervention in the Spanish Civil War in general and the air raid on
Guernica in particular and has since disappeared from the timelines. Now,
Zeon fakes a "revolt" in its own Quintzem colony in order to declare a
national emergency in October 0078, to cover its mobilization for the
upcoming war. Either way, Zeon had been rattling its heat saber for
several years and everyone had already taken sides.

If Zeon attacked with neutron bombs, nerve gas and ebola virus, they
would've effectively depopulated the cylinders without damaging the
infrastructure too badly. "Eat the people, keep the buildings!" as Whoopie
Goldberg once said of the N-bomb. ("Now that's what I call a Republican
weapon!" was the kicker.)

The One Year War was apparently a land-grab by the Zeon, in space as well
as on Earth. Judging from Granada, they also glommed a big chunk of the
Moon, too!


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