J Hsu (jakusu@hotmail.com)
Tue, 25 May 1999 18:51:49 PDT

I just got the latest HobbyJapan, and it has a review of this new Guncannon
kit. Contrary to what I have been reading on this mailing list, it does
have polycaps for at least the joints that they focused on in the magazine.
If this is the case, it would be strange if any of the joints would be
plastic-on-plastic and not polycapped like the new kits that we're used to.
Also, it is molded entirely in the right colors, so practically no painting
is needed unless of course you prefer to. Judging by the pictures and the
glowing review, this looks like an excellent HG kit for 800 yen.

There was also a preview on the Gyan, the next kit to come out in this
series, and it too looks very promising. The two things that caught my eye
were the level of detail of the shield and the refinement of the shoulder
joint. So far, this "renewal" series of 1/144 scale kits looks like it is
on a par with the quality of the 8th Team 1/144 kits.

BTW, if anyone is able to pick up the latest copy of Dengeki Hobby,
HobbyJapan's new rival publication, I would definitely recommend it. There
is an awesome spread in there about a line of heavily armed and armored
custom mobile suits (the name they used escapes me right now...), done in
narrative style similar to the Sentinel Gundam book.

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