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> I don't see any gaping shortcomings in TPM. I don't know about the person you
> replayed, but I saw TPM because it is Star Wars. What exactly did you want
> from TPM, anyway?

A movie as solid as "Star Wars" or "Empire Strikes Back". He's batting .500
for solid movies now. Nothing outside of the Ewoks was obviously kiddy in
the other movies. Why this one, then, all of a sudden? I'll tell you why.
Because he wasn't struggling with writers or a studio or money.

> Everything that attacked Naboo was remote controlled. The Trade Federation
> seems to have tons on of money, therefore, the droids, the robot carriers,
> etc., are expendable, since after all, they are robots. Besides, the Trade
> Federation is arrogant, that's why their techniques are sloppy. They thought
> they'd just land and use their bulk to keep the citizens from fighting them.

That makes some sense. But if that were so they'd never let those crappy
droids protect *them*, in their ships, in the palace, etc. Remote controlled
still doesn't excuse the tactics. I like the arrogant idea, though. They
seemed to put up a good fight in space, why not on the ground?

> Get a grip. If you don't like something, don't bash/crtize something because,
> in your opinion, it has shortcomings. Tons of kids loved SW before TPM, so
> Lucas doesn't want this to chage. Some things are too much or unapporite for
> kids, until they get older. SW is enjoyed by kids and adults. Kids aren't
> adult's and they like different things then adults do. Do people always have
> to take the fun of of everything!

Hey, I love fun. I thought the saber fights and the pod race were fine. I
think maybe you might want to "get a grip", too. You said it yourself. "Star
Wars" was enjoyed by kids and adults. Why then make this new one so much more
childish? Why *now* after the first three movies proved it wasn't necessary?
I'm am by no means the only one who cringed because of the shortcomings. If
kids like different things than adults then put more of both in the movie,
don't lean it so hard one way or the other.

> You wouldn't have said that about the toys, if it was a Gundam movie, you
> wouldn't like to live without Gundam merchandise, like model kits, would you?
> The SW movies are aimed at kids and adults. A lot SW fans where kids
> themselves, during the original SW movies.

What? Where did I say I *didn't* want toys? Hell, I've bought most of the
LEGO Star Wars toys. Toys are fine. Haven't there been numerous complaints
about anime series that were basically toy commercials? Yes? All show, no
real story or a story that was too simplistic? That's what I'm talking
about here. I was young when I saw "Star Wars", too. I loved it. It was
not a kiddy movie.

> SW has always been for kids and adults. Why don't everyone stop the SW
> discussion and get back to Gundam, OK?

Including you? Fine. Anyone want to continue this, you know where to find


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