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> Who said I thought this was a flamewar? I'm only trying to figure out if
> honestly can't see gaping shortcomings in "Phantom Menace" or you'll accept
> anything Lucas makes just because it's him doing it.

I don't see any gaping shortcomings in TPM. I don't know about the person you
replayed, but I saw TPM because it is Star Wars. What exactly did you want
from TPM, anyway?

> Wow, you have more tolerance for cheese than I do. I could put up with the
> Ewoks up until the point of the battle when Endor turned into the Daffy Duck
> planet (hoo hoohoo hoo hoohoohoo). Ok, maybe not in the water (although
> they're battle droids, they better be capable of marine deployment even if
> it's just in a pod of some sort), but what were they doing deploying those
> droids out in the open? No army does that. Deploy them behind the hill
> where their carriers are safe. Have the droids close in and when they
> penetrate the shield the tanks are right behind them. The Gungans would be
> dead in about 5 minutes. Even if the Gungan tactics sucked that's no reason
> for the droids' tactics to suck as well. Some army. If they fall for an

Everything that attacked Naboo was remote controlled. The Trade Federation
seems to have tons on of money, therefore, the droids, the robot carriers,
etc., are expendable, since after all, they are robots. Besides, the Trade
Federation is arrogant, that's why their techniques are sloppy. They thought
they'd just land and use their bulk to keep the citizens from fighting them.

> obvious draw like that they should at least come in low over the trees and
> strafe every worthless floppy-eared spaz on that field. Sat-based energy
> artillery would have been sweet, too.

Get a grip. If you don't like something, don't bash/crtize something because,
in your opinion, it has shortcomings. Tons of kids loved SW before TPM, so
Lucas doesn't want this to chage. Some things are too much or unapporite for
kids, until they get older. SW is enjoyed by kids and adults. Kids aren't
adult's and they like different things then adults do. Do people always have
to take the fun of of everything!

> But that wouldn't sell toys, that
> wouldn't be "for kids". I didn't know Robin Williams was a consultant for
> the new movie.

 You wouldn't have said that about the toys, if it was a Gundam movie, you
wouldn't like to live without Gundam merchandise, like model kits, would you?
The SW movies are aimed at kids and adults. A lot SW fans where kids
themselves, during the original SW movies.

> Ya, it's just a movie. Not a great movie. Don't sweat it, you're not rude.
> I just don't want Lucas to dumb down a movie just to reach kids.

SW has always been for kids and adults. Why don't everyone stop the SW
discussion and get back to Gundam, OK?

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