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> Look I am not trying to start a flame war and I want to apologize if I seemed
> rude before. And I know where you are coming from, but I actually liked it
> way better the second time. Of course honestly the Ewoks never bothered me
> that much, though the new band sequence did annoy me. Maybe it was pure
> spectacle, but on the flip side do you really think the Battle Droids
> would've been deployed in the water?? I think they picked the open area
> because it was an obvious draw to the Droid Army. I mean hell if the droids
> would've just walked into the water and shortcircuited people would've
> complained about that too. But really whatever it is just a movie.
> Jason

Who said I thought this was a flamewar? I'm only trying to figure out if you
honestly can't see gaping shortcomings in "Phantom Menace" or you'll accept
anything Lucas makes just because it's him doing it.

Wow, you have more tolerance for cheese than I do. I could put up with the
Ewoks up until the point of the battle when Endor turned into the Daffy Duck
planet (hoo hoohoo hoo hoohoohoo). Ok, maybe not in the water (although
they're battle droids, they better be capable of marine deployment even if
it's just in a pod of some sort), but what were they doing deploying those
droids out in the open? No army does that. Deploy them behind the hill
where their carriers are safe. Have the droids close in and when they
penetrate the shield the tanks are right behind them. The Gungans would be
dead in about 5 minutes. Even if the Gungan tactics sucked that's no reason
for the droids' tactics to suck as well. Some army. If they fall for an
obvious draw like that they should at least come in low over the trees and
strafe every worthless floppy-eared spaz on that field. Sat-based energy
artillery would have been sweet, too. But that wouldn't sell toys, that
wouldn't be "for kids". I didn't know Robin Williams was a consultant for
the new movie.

Ya, it's just a movie. Not a great movie. Don't sweat it, you're not rude.
I just don't want Lucas to dumb down a movie just to reach kids.


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