Mark Kuettner (
Tue, 25 May 1999 16:39:01 PDT

><< (it was almost impossible to see
> anyone actually get hit by a laser shot - compare that to the other
> >>
>which obviously you haven't seen in a while...have you ever seen a
>stormtrooper shoot anything successfully that wasn't by accident or stun
>ray??? It still cracks me up when they find the destroyed Sandcrawler in
>Episode IV and Ben tells luke that only Imperial Stormtroopers can be so
>precise. I guess the Tusken Raiders must really suck then!!

LOL...I feel the same way when I see that scene. I do like the new
battle droids in TPM that have taken the place of Stormtroopers as
the grunt bad guys. The look, the way they walk, and how they talk
(roger,roger)...they're just so cute in a evil sort of way.

I miss Admiral Akbar though... why couldn't they have used Akbar's
dad instead of Jar Jar??

Mark Kai

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