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 Listen to what you are telling me. If this movie were *not* part of the
 Star Wars series, just a space opera movie, can you honestly tell me that
 you would cut it *this* much slack? If you can turn a blind eye to the low
 grade crap in this movie than you should also feel like marrying Syd Mead
 for how he helped improve the Gundam legacy. "...just accepted the fact..."
 are you kidding? How often do you say that for non-fanatic (Star Wars,
 Star Trek, Gundam) movies?
 I've watched "Return of the Jedi" about 15 times. The Ewok crap never
 became better after repeated viewings. Jabba's band never got better. And
 let me tell you, Jar Jar and those shitty battle droids are never going to
 get better.

Look I am not trying to start a flame war and I want to apologize if I seemed
rude before. And I know where you are coming from, but I actually liked it
way better the second time. Of course honestly the Ewoks never bothered me
that much, though the new band sequence did annoy me. Maybe it was pure
spectacle, but on the flip side do you really think the Battle Droids
would've been deployed in the water?? I think they picked the open area
because it was an obvious draw to the Droid Army. I mean hell if the droids
would've just walked into the water and shortcircuited people would've
complained about that too. But really whatever it is just a movie.

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