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>I have some question regarding Zeon military strategy in the first week of
>OYW. On Jan 3 UC 0079, Zeon Space Attack Force attacks Federation military
>position in both Side 1,2,4 with nuclear weapons and pump poison gases into
>some of the colony cylinders. Of which, I supposed that Side 4 bears the
>largest amount of damage from the nuclear strike.
>My question is this: why the poison gas attack? Nuclear weapon I can
>understand, it's use specifically to knock out Federation fleet and military
>installation at or near the Sides.


        I always assumed that it was because they wanted living space -
poison gas doesn't destroy industrial facilities and living quarters
(though it does also kill the workers needed to run those facilities...
) It also makes it very easy to capture territory without having to
worry about keeping a potentially hostile population under guard. Am I
mistaken in thinking that references to over-population are made in some
parts of the Gundam saga, or am I imagining things? (I know the books
make reference to a population shortage, which doesn't seem to fit with
that impression... )

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