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> First off, see it again and just accept that Jar Jar is going to be there
> eventually you can ignore his irratating characteristics. Also Anakin is
> fucking kid man what do you want a mega intelligent midget? He acted like
> kid would behind the controls of a star fighter. As for the ground
> they for one weren't there to totallly beat the droids, only to get them
> away
> from the city. I don't think they expected to win the war on that
> battlefield. I agree that the announcer was kinda dumb but He didn't
> me once I just accepted the fact that he was going to be there. The first
> time I saw it I'm sure I had similar feelings to you. But BELIEVE ME
> I
> saw it the second time, I thought it was awesome. Try seeing it again and
> letting go your views on what it should be and just let George show you
> because it actually is better then it seems.

Excatly! Well said.

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