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> > Also true, but what I am talking about is Todd's Dunbine. Just a
> > different colored Dunbine, nothing more.
> >
>Oh you mean that Todd's indigo blue Dunbine? Looks like I have to replay F
>again, this time in real robot type with Ilmgard Kazahara as my hot shot.

Huh? Which one did you play as before? Personally, my fave's Alwin
Dorstien, but I was kinda disappointed with his new look. If you ask me,
he's the only one among the four guys who regressed instead of
improved. At least, Lyn Mao didn't change that much... By the way,
wouldn't Alwin and Lyn make a nice couple? Aww.... too bad the standard
pair is Ilmgard & Lyn, and Alwin & Grace... sigh...

> > > Or none of those things like the Zavine from the Dunbine OVA.
> >
> > I wished I had that Aura Battler, although Billvine is not that
> >
>Beside the Zavine, there's also an aura battler in the OVA, which looks
>a monster. Not a Leprechaun or hyper, but looks similar to this
>grenade-equipped aura battler.

What was Shou's best Aura Battler in the anime anyway? It wasn't the
Billvine, right? Can Shou also do that Hyper thing? How does Jeryll,
Todd, and Burn do it anyway? I mean, in the anime itself?

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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