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> Pedro Corzo wrote :
> I was checking out ANIMEBOX, CCA section and I saw a GK called G-3,
> looked like Neu-ziel or Alpha-sieru but in landing position, Who is
> this G-3?
> Could someone give me a clue?

The MAN-010 G-3 (pronounced in the German way "guei drei") is a Mobile
Armor from Char's Neo Zeons. It appears in Kondo's comic "The Revival of
Zeon" which is a non canonic prelude to CCA. It doesn't appear that much
in the comic but there's some interesting material: the G-1 was in fact
MAN-08 Elmeth while the G-2, an hypothetic MAN-09 was cancelled (you'll
note they kept using the original Zeon Newtype Mobile Armor nomenclature
while Alpha Aziel was just NZ-33 IIRC). Basically, it bears some
resemblance to Nightingale and is a heavily armed Sazabi (it uses
Psycommu of course, not Psychoframe). Well, that's all I can say about
this one. I hope somebody will have more info.
While I'm at it, could anybody tell me what the hell is a Zeta Plus II
G1? I saw a GK of this one and it was from... *Sentinel II* o_O, I'm
already having a hard time to find Sentinel 0079 but *this*!

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