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>Raitenshi Veilchen wrote:
> > How does the ZERO System (from Gundam Wing) work? And, what does ZERO
> > for? I sorta forgot ^^;
> >

>umm the zero system, i think, manipulates the pilot's mind to go insane or
>bit overhead about winning and it turns
>his/her motives or principles the other way... like doing everything he can
>win and sometimes risking his own life... and
>of course risking the other bystanders' lives.... =) well i don't know what
>ZERO stands for... i think it's just a name...

Well, I finally found out what ZERO stands for. It's "Zoning and
Emotional Range Omitted System". But what I could tell from watching
the series, doesn't it feed the pilot's mind with the various
possibilities that could happen during the battle? But then, I'm not sure.
I think you're right. Thanks.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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