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> Subject: Re: [gundam] New Turn A episode Summary

> First off, see it again and just accept that Jar Jar is going to be there and
> eventually you can ignore his irratating characteristics. Also Anakin is a
> fucking kid man what do you want a mega intelligent midget? He acted like a

Funny you should mention kid. There's another young actor in that movie.
Natalie Portman. Did you happen to see "Leon'" ("The Professional" in the
States)? She was about his age in that movie. She acted well, really well,
better than some of the other actors in that movie. See, it can be done and
I don't make excuses for a performance just because the creator of Star Wars
let it go. And it's not even all the kid's fault. I mean, *he* didn't write
the lines he spoke in "Phantom Menace" now, did he?

> kid would behind the controls of a star fighter. As for the ground battle,
> they for one weren't there to totallly beat the droids, only to get them away
> from the city. I don't think they expected to win the war on that

No, you're right, but I don't believe any commander would uselessly risk
elements of his own command if he didn't have to. And he didn't have to.
Not like that, not out in the open on a flat field. That was idiotic. It
was more a reason to parade out ILM's success with cg generated robot armies
than an engaging fight. I don't mind the blue power balls, but even the
goddamn Ewoks had a better strategy than those gungan clowns. You don't
think they could have drawn out the droids if the fight were in the jungle
or in the water? Come on, don't kiss up to Lucas *that* hard. And how much
more amazing would the cg have been if done underwater with all the extra
effects necessary to sell that?

> battlefield. I agree that the announcer was kinda dumb but He didn't bother
> me once I just accepted the fact that he was going to be there. The first
> time I saw it I'm sure I had similar feelings to you. But BELIEVE ME when I
> saw it the second time, I thought it was awesome. Try seeing it again and
> letting go your views on what it should be and just let George show you his,
> because it actually is better then it seems.

Listen to what you are telling me. If this movie were *not* part of the
Star Wars series, just a space opera movie, can you honestly tell me that
you would cut it *this* much slack? If you can turn a blind eye to the low
grade crap in this movie than you should also feel like marrying Syd Mead
for how he helped improve the Gundam legacy. "...just accepted the fact..."
are you kidding? How often do you say that for non-fanatic (Star Wars,
Star Trek, Gundam) movies?

I've watched "Return of the Jedi" about 15 times. The Ewok crap never
became better after repeated viewings. Jabba's band never got better. And
let me tell you, Jar Jar and those shitty battle droids are never going to
get better.


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