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Earlier, I wrote:

(Zaku II)
>> When i first saw the Zaku II in 0079, the first
>> thing that came to my mind was oxygen face mask,
and >> my next mental image is Darth Vader making that
>> trademark loud breathing noise! From that moment
on, >> I'm a Zaku II fan ever since... :)

& then Richie Ramos <> wrote:

> Actually, I named my kitbashed zaku FZ/Urban Shock
> trooper "Vader Type" because when I put in a cape
and > a heatblade on it...I got...well, you know. what
with > the german helmet head and all.

I almost forgot to mention one thing about my liking
of Zaku II: in the opening of the 0079 (both the TV
series [episode 1] as well as the 6-hr movies), a trio
of Zaku II were approaching side 7 to investigate the
Fed's Project V. While the Zakus were flying, you can
hear the sound of accousticly-treated breathing noise
in the background. this accoustic effect is fantastic,
for it makes you think the Zakus were breathing but
instantly you know they aren't!! This is one of the
many reason why 0079 is an evergreen Gundam series:
all the little
things were done well.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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