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I have some question regarding Zeon military strategy in the first week of
OYW. On Jan 3 UC 0079, Zeon Space Attack Force attacks Federation military
position in both Side 1,2,4 with nuclear weapons and pump poison gases into
some of the colony cylinders. Of which, I supposed that Side 4 bears the
largest amount of damage from the nuclear strike.

My question is this: why the poison gas attack? Nuclear weapon I can
understand, it's use specifically to knock out Federation fleet and military
installation at or near the Sides. The damage to the colony cylinders (I
supposed there were quite a few completely destroyed) is somewhat
collateral. But poison gas attack on colony only serve to depopulate those
colony, and I thought one of the things going for Zeon is the sympathy from
the other spacenoids in the other colonies due to the long economical
embargo imposed by Federation against Side 3. By directly going after the
somewhat neutral civilian population, they risk loosing the sympathy of the
rest of the spacenoids, even the so call neutral Side 6.

There is military reason for going after civilian in war, and in this case,
the civilian population probably maintains and supplied the Federation. By
going after spacenoids civilian population, Zeon lost whatever their moral
righteousness they have over the Federation.

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