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 I like the lightsaber duel too, but the fact they didn't say anything
 to Maul during it felt weird, since it was kind of tradition to
 blabber during a lightsaber fight during the first 3 movies. I kept
 hoping Qui-Gon(how can anyone remember his name?) would ask Maul
 about the his identity and Maul would reply with cryptic visions of
 the downfall of the Jedi, but no such luck.
I think one thing people might've forgotten is that sometimes the answers
come later. I mean we didn't know Darth Vader was anakin until Empire and
that LEia and Luke were Related until JEdi. Instead of complaining about the
fact that Whatever Darth Maul needs revenge for isn't explained in this
movie, we should realize that it might be explained in the next two

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