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>> The latest issue of Animerica I've received has a review of
>>Girens Greed for the Saturn. Right at the end, it mentions theres a
>>possibility of a PSX version. Anyone know how likely that is? (I'm sure
>>someone must have asked this before, but... )
>>And how many orders of
>>magnitude less likely is it that a US version may be released?
>Er... care to bet NEVER?
        Well, I kind of guessed... ^_^ OTOH, I once thought that I'd
never see an English language release of Gundam, that I'd never see
Patlabor on TV, and that I'd never own a copy of Kikis Delivery Service.
Stranger things have happened...
        You will notice, though, that I didn't ask for the truly
impossible - an official UK release. ^_^

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