Reza Akbar (
Tue, 25 May 1999 15:55:50 +0700

> Also true, but what I am talking about is Todd's Dunbine. Just a
> different colored Dunbine, nothing more.
Oh you mean that Todd's indigo blue Dunbine? Looks like I have to replay F
again, this time in real robot type with Ilmgard Kazahara as my hot shot.
> >
> > Or none of those things like the Zavine from the Dunbine OVA.
> I wished I had that Aura Battler, although Billvine is not that bad...
Beside the Zavine, there's also an aura battler in the OVA, which looks like
a monster. Not a Leprechaun or hyper, but looks similar to this
grenade-equipped aura battler.

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