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> Todd Guiness.....I don't feel like wanna get him, 'cause that damn Von
> Burnings and his merry men never give Shou a chance in the first place.
> An Aura Battler? What you mean is that there's two things that you do,
> depends on how you end that mission (must be with Shou)
> 1. If you finish the mission in Bilvine, you had a chance to have Bilvine
> new paint job (green). Just change of colors, nothing else.

    Yes, true.

> 2. If you finish the mission in Wing Calibur, you receive a new Bilvine
> while the old one changing colors (I rather give the old one to Marvel)

    Also true, but what I am talking about is Todd's Dunbine. Just a
different colored Dunbine, nothing more.

> Or none of those things like the Zavine from the Dunbine OVA.

    I wished I had that Aura Battler, although Billvine is not that bad...

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