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Kev K asks,

>Hello I have a question that have been bothering me since the day I
>discovered the existence of Gann. I watched all the three movies and found
>no trace of Gann. Although I now that he appeared in the tv series. So who
>piloted the Gann? Is this MS more powerful than the other Zeon MS? Judging
>by the appearance it doesn't look too tough, but I got to admit the design
>is "not too shabby".

  Just to fill in the gaps...

  Actually, in the TV series the Gann kicks butt. When it first
skirmishes with the Gundam in space, Ma Kube keeps his enemy off guard by
bombarding him with missiles and booby traps, but once he gets the Gundam
inside the Texas Colony he proceeds to clean Amuro's clock in close
combat. Remember how, when Amuro duels Char in Gundam III, Char lands a
couple of blows on the side of Gundam's head? In the TV series, that's Ma
Kube tagging the Gundam - Char barely lays a finger on it. In fact, Amuro
is _losing_ the duel until Lalah shows up and provides mysterious newtype
"reinforcement"; Amuro gets pumped full of newtype juice, regroups, and
overpowers the Gann.

  Absent this emergency backup from Lalah, it seems quite likely that Ma
Kube would actually have _beaten_ the Gundam; no wonder he didn't want
Char joining in and splitting the credit! This indicates that Ma Kube is
actually very underrated as a pilot, and that the Gann is an
exceptionally agile mobile suit (perhaps because, as Japanese fans have
proposed, it uses the same field motor articulation as the Gundam itself).

  Why no ranges weapons? I'll confess I'm not sure exactly why the Gann
lacks a beam rifle, though this is supposed to be a design limitation
later remedied in the Galbaldy series. Presumably it could use a regular
Zaku machine gun or Dom bazooka, though this might tempt the pilot to
eschew the superior melee weapons.

  Another possible explanation: The prototype Gann we see is customized
for Ma Kube's use. Judging from the design for Ma Kube's custom Gouf, the
"spear-head" decoration is peculiar to Ma Kube, and the same could be
true of its unusual missile-packed shield. Judging from Ma Kube's
spectacular dueling performance, I can't imagine him wanting to waste
time with ranged weapons other than the tactically useful shield
missiles. Presumably Ma Kube, as the (self-proclaimed) designer of the
Gann, had the opportunity to refit the prototype to his own taste after
the project was canceled.

-- Mark

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