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On Mon, 24 May 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> All I can think is that they're trying to capitalize on the nostalgia
> of the big businessmen at the convention ro something. It doesn't make

Now why didn't Volkswagen do the same thing for the new beetle? Just
repaint the damn thing and sell it at the same dollar price as 30 yrs ago.

> > Ohh, check out the new hipbox design for the chokokin toy in 29 and 30.
> Is it though? It seems more like a 'cheat' to me... mold the skirt
> armors and thighs as one piece and now you only need the hip joint
> instead of the hip joint and three skirt flaps. I.e., the skirt armor is
> now attached to the thigh and not to the hips!

Well, who's to say 3-skirt-flaps are cannonical? The chokokin hip and the
HG/MG hip deal with the same problem (unrealistic anime) by two different
ways. I'd give it a 7/10 for trying a new approach. Besides, if I scrim
my eyes at 29.jpg (or 30?) I could swear that the hip and skirt armors are
not molded in 1 piece, but are independently articulated.

> HUGE! If that's how big it is compared to 1/100 kits, we're taking
> something 18" tall (1/60 Gundam Territory). That's a monstrous hunk of
> plastic, certainly bigger than what I have room for!

A 1/300 Waldom would be so cool...

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