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> >At 08:26 PM 5/24/99 , Richie Ramos wrote:
> >>
> >> The design came as a shock at first, honestly, since it was so
> >>different
> >>from any other gundam design wise. but now that it has been a few
> >>weeks...well, it looks okay. besides, there have been stranger looking
> >>gundam, to think about it.

> >What, Nobel Gundam? Tequila Gundam? (G Gundam itself can be the source
> >of 1/2 of all bad Gundam design, but it also supplied some cool Gundam
> >like Master Gundam).

Hey! Nobel Gundam ain't that bad! As far as I know, she's the first
(and probably the only) feminine-type Gundam ever. Besides, the
Gundams in G Gundam represent their corresponding countries/colonies,
that's why they look a "little different". But the Master Gundam is
quite good... he could sort of pass for the Gundam Epion's brother if you
ask me.

>There were bad designs before G gundam just as there have been since. The G
>gundam designs fit their role as super robots, albeit they are a little
>silly. I will however nominate the Walter gundam as one of the absolute
>worst designs ever.

Well, bad as you think it may be, the Walter Gundam's design has one
special purpose... it becomes some sort of a "tail" for the Grand
Master Gundam. Master Gundam + Grand Gundam + Heaven's Sword Gundam +
Walter Gundam = Grand Master Gundam


Veilchen the Thunderangel

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