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> Right, and if the Gyan was _supposed_ to be a 'general purpose' MS and
>not just a brawler (which doesn't make sense really) then it would _HAVE_
>to have some sort of ranged weapon.... hence that weapon must have been a
>beam weapon of some kind, otherwise the fact that the Gyan went out
>without it doesn't make any sense.
> One wonders why they didn't just hand it one of those Zaku 120mm MGs
>anyway, just to give it a chance. (Maybe 'cause it doesn't work on the
>Gundam so there's no point?)

        I'm sure it had systems for beam weapons...could we consider Pride of the
pilot as a factor here? or is it anohter dose of Anime Style over
Substance? I dunno, it just looked stupid to me...I fought the gann in the
videogame, and I have to admit, it was damn easy killing it once I got
superior range from it.

>> > other gimmicks became the predecessors of all those
>> > shield weapons systems we see later in Gundam! >
>> (Particularly CCA).
>> & that put the shield into maximun use - blocking
>> shots, storing small firearms, extra beam sabres, etc.
> Right! In the ZG/ZZG/CCA era shields became just as much 'binders' for
>extra equipment as defensive impliments, and so many MS carried them!
>Ironically, shields generally seemed to get smaller and more tightly
>packed as time goes on, until we get these little 'bucklers' in CCA, and
>thin strip-like shields.

        Actually, I don't consider those things shields anymore...those things
were like eqipment packs, more like it...I wouldn't even consider storing
grenades or anything explosive like spare e-pacs onto a device designed to
parry attacks from the enemy...whichis also one gripe I have with the rx178
shield for example...the Gann's shield is a nice flamboyant idea, but
ultimately weird.

>> too bad it didn't last long after CCA (see F91 onwards
>> it's the effective but not so good looking beam
>Yep... that's one sad thing about the BS systems.

        I beg to differ...for me they looked pretty good, in the sense that they
made the designs look less cluttered and more streamlined...I mean, look at
the F91, it has a sleekness to it, barring the truck grill abdomen.

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