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>> all the fluid movement that we expect from Bandai's kits nowadays. I
>> suppose if Bandai moves a lot of these then the low cost will probably be
>> justified. I am fully expecthing this guy to have PolyCap joints,
>> otherwise, yeech.
> Actually, it really looks like it's exactly the same kind of engineering
>as the original gundam kit, crappy plastic-on-plastic joints. For Y300
>what do you expect? Pretty damn wierd....

        It's still kinda would think that it would at least
have crude minimized jointing like the polycaps for G/GW 1/144. That would
have meade it more palatable.

>> > > August 1/144 HG Universal Century Zaku III Kai Y1500
>> > Now this guy looks REALLY REALLY SWEET! They did an EXCELLENT job
>> Hmm... Is it just moi, or are these HGUC kits injection version of the more
>> popular B-Club GKs?
> Well, THIS guy definately looks it, while the retro-70s Guncannon and
>Gyan look like simply re-jointed versions of the original mecha designs.

        The Gann looks very retro in styling, but it does have polycaps joints
from the looks of it...the head looks a bit off, though.

>> > > September 1/100 Mobile Sumo Y2500
>> > Excellent looking robots, I look forward to snagging these guys, they
>> > can be made into Patlabors almost instantly! I wonder if the 1/100 has
>> I knew you'd be grinning with joy, Probe.
> Hey, these are really nice looking designs! One wonders what happened to
>the Turn-A itself....

        They actually look like they can kick a lot of gundam @$$!

>> > > 1/144 HG Universal Century Qubeley Y1500
>> > WOW! Finally! What a beautiful kit! I MUST HAVE IT NAAAAWWWWW!
>> One of the models I was actually considering plunking down $100s of
bucks to
>> get the GK version, to match it against the HG Gundam Team. Not
anymore. I
>> can get three of those and have them wreak havok on the HG Gundam Team. :)
> Absolutely, what a beautiful and awesome design! About TIME we got one
>of these guys, wow!
> -Probe

        I agree, the Qubeley has got to be the most feminine and dangerous looking
enemy in gundam. I simply love the fact that it's so alien to a lot of the
design ethics we see in the show.

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