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><The original Halo>
>> It's described as a "pet robot" built by Tem Ray and modified by
>> Amuro Ray as he grew up with it.
>Wrong. It's described as a "pet robot" built by Amuro Ray himself and
>later presented to Frau Bow. Tem had nothing to do with that cute
>computer ball. (actually, the Rapport book you said only tells that
>'It was built by Amuro. And that's not a suprise. After all, he was the
>son of Tem Ray.')

Hmmm. I seem to have misplaced a modifier. Thanks for the correction.

><V Halo>
>Its color is also different from its predecessors. I can't find the
>proper terms for the color though.

Try "chartreuse" and "aquamarine"....

Now that I think on it, there aren't all that many color pictures of Halo
in any of its incarnations and, of course, this side-by-side comparison was
strictly in B&W line art. But the earlier Halos were all yellowish-green
or greenish-yellow (chartreuse) while the V Halo is a bluish-green or
greenish-blue (aquamarine).

If you can't find an online color chart, check out a box of Crayola crayons....

>> that may simply be because it's a more intelligent PDA, with a lot of
>> "personality" packed into it, giving it a high "kyewt" factor.
>...and R2-D2 style sub navigator's role for V2-core fighter... :-)

Halo, at least, keeps its opinions to itself....

>For your information, in Crossbone Gundam manga series, Vera Ronah's
>parrot was named Halo, too...... ;->

I somehow managed to miss that, but then I haven't had time to sit down and
actually try to read it.

It's got lot's of pretty pictures, though....


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