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>I like the Turn A a lot now. The mustache isn't too bad once you get used to
>it. The mustache is weird and different, but I got used to it and like it
>now. The Turn A, IMHO, is stylish, but simple. I like the other Gundams a
>lot, but they where getting too flashy, compared to the simple, yet cool
>RX-78 Gundam. A lot of people in Japan must like the Turn A, since its
>getting a 1/100 kit and a new toy. It must not be too unpopular.

        The design came as a shock at first, honestly, since it was so different
from any other gundam design wise. but now that it has been a few
weeks...well, it looks okay. besides, there have been stranger looking
gundam, to think about it.

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