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Colin wrote:

>> it's true, but before Camille fixed the crap-out
>> Haro, it kept chanting "Amuro, Amuro" & other
stuffs >> that happened in 0079. This should not
happen if
>> it's a mass produced consumer product, & that's
>> where the Z's inconsistency came in.

> I don't think it is inconsistency. At that point,
> Halo only said "Amuro genki, Bright genki blah blah
> blah" and there were nothing important in that.
Maybe > the toy company that mass produced Halo copied
> only the appearance of the original but also the >
memorized voice data in its brain, if they study the >
original before the actual production... :-)

boy, then this toy company was a very irresponsible
company. What if 1st gen Haro remembers something
like: "Frau, wear red underwear" or "Sayla, big
breast" etc!! :-)

Unless Amuro (or other WB crews) was well-known all
over the Earth & space colonies for his/their heroics
in the OYW, it's very unlikely that a mass-produced
toys will bark out names unfamilar to their customers,
who will much prefer to have their own name get barked
out instead. Then again, Gundam & WhiteBase were small
(albeit critical) part in the Fed's success in the
so, I think this 'inconsistency' was pretty much
make-for-TV to add the fun element to an otherwise
groomy & tragic anime series.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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