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Dyar wrote:

<The original Halo>

> It's described as a "pet robot" built by Tem Ray and modified by
> Amuro Ray as he grew up with it.

Wrong. It's described as a "pet robot" built by Amuro Ray himself and
later presented to Frau Bow. Tem had nothing to do with that cute
computer ball. (actually, the Rapport book you said only tells that
'It was built by Amuro. And that's not a suprise. After all, he was the
son of Tem Ray.')

<The 2nd Generation Halo - named Halo the II>

> Camille Vidan discovers it in Granada and it changes hands a number
> of times thereafter until Amuro bequeaths it to Hathaway Noah around
> the time of CCA.

No. Amuro built 'the THIRD one' and gave it to Hathaway Noah in CCA. The
fate of Halo 2G appeared in Z/ZZ is still unknown. (Maybe little Shinta
& Kum cherished it after the 1st Neo Zeon War ended) The third Halo looks
more like V-Halo than Halo II, for it lacks the 'chin panel'.

<V Halo>

Its color is also different from its predecessors. I can't find the
proper terms for the color though.

> but uses a hologram projector instead of a screen.

Actually, it pulls out the small baloon first, and then projects the
hologram on it. (Not directly on the thin air, like Casshan's Swanny. ;-)

> that may simply be because it's a more intelligent PDA, with a lot of
> "personality" packed into it, giving it a high "kyewt" factor.

...and R2-D2 style sub navigator's role for V2-core fighter... :-)

Colin Liu wrote:

>> I thought the version in Zeta was a mass produced
>> consumer version of Amuro's original.
> it's true, but before Camille fixed the crap-out Haro, it kept chanting
> "Amuro, Amuro" & other stuffs that happened in 0079. This should not
> happen if it's a mass produced consumer product, & that's where the Z's
> inconsistency came in.

I don't think it is inconsistency. At that point, Halo only said
"Amuro genki, Bright genki blah blah blah" and there were nothing
important in that. Maybe the toy company that mass produced Halo
copied not only the appearance of the original but also the memorized
voice data in its brain, if they study the original before the actual
production... :-)

For your information, in Crossbone Gundam manga series, Vera Ronah's
parrot was named Halo, too...... ;->

-Sunwook 'full-time lurker, part-time blabber' Kim

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