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> > Well, V-Gundam was actually appeared in the third SRW. So maybe just
> > and some few characters, but let's hope that they bring more characters
> (and
> > more voice casts) in the SRW Complete Box, just like in Shin SRW.
> No, V Gundam never appeared in 3SRW, but V Gundam did appear in 2SRW
> Gameboy.
Oh, the 2nd SRWG!
> >
> > It OK if you haven't finish F since in F Final there's a chance for
> getting
> > a lot of characters like Hamann, Rosamia, Four, Gato, Quess, Sayla,
> Slegger
> > and the G-Boys. Don't forget some cool MS like the Sazabi, Mass Produced
> Nu
> > Gundam (you can also choose to equip either Fin Funnels or an incom),
> > Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai, Char's Custom Zaku II, GP02A (with the Atomic
> > Bazooka), Yakuto Doga or the Neue Ziel, along with the Wing Gundam Zero
> > Custom.
> You forgot that you cannot get Todd (a character in Dunbine) and an
> Battler unless you had played SRWF.
Todd Guiness.....I don't feel like wanna get him, 'cause that damn Von
Burnings and his merry men never give Shou a chance in the first place.
An Aura Battler? What you mean is that there's two things that you do,
depends on how you end that mission (must be with Shou)
1. If you finish the mission in Bilvine, you had a chance to have Bilvine a
new paint job (green). Just change of colors, nothing else.
2. If you finish the mission in Wing Calibur, you receive a new Bilvine
while the old one changing colors (I rather give the old one to Marvel)

Or none of those things like the Zavine from the Dunbine OVA.

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